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Welcome to
a new age in manufacturing.

Ovafly is currently building the first compartmentalised additive manufacturing operation in the UK. Making products closer to distribution centres in a sustainable way is key to reducing shipping industry supply chain inefficiencies as well as our dependence on Asian manufacturing.

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As a flagship product for a new way of manufacturing consumable goods, we intend to franchise this production system to other manufacturers. There are blatent supply chain inefficiencies in the way we import raw materials and products from overseas and CPM is that doorway to doing things differently. 

The energy requirements of 3D printer farms are also significantly less than that of injection moulding processes, and can be fully subsidised by solar energy. We have uk only suppliers,
 recycle all our production waste and our tooling cost is 1-10th of what it would be for injection moulding.

Ovafly produces components on a biweekly print rota that when fully established, will be capable of producing circa 1000 boxed Ovafly units per calendar month.

Aside from environmental benefits, 3D print manufacturing in developing world regions such as Gujarat in India will create new infrastruture, jobs and an access to products that are currently too expensive to tool for injection moulding processes.



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