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Store Policy

Customer Care

Ovafly was developed for 4.5 years for a reason. We took the time to establish the supply chain that brought the product in at an affordable price for a reason. The diligence behind everything surrounding this product - is there - for a reason.... we care and we're here to change the game. Not just Cricket - but the way business is done and the way manufacturing is done in this country.


The days of exorbitant and greedy mark-ups are over. The era of resourcefulness, layered perception and good design... have arrived. Whether its our suppliers or our customers, we will always try and build a relationship with you. With that said - we are also confident that we have done such a good job of designing this device, that for what you pay for it... you will be buying something that is reliable and that lasts.

Privacy & Safety

We invite you to setup an account with us while submitting your purchase and we will continue to update you with future developments to Ovafly; including the evolution of the design. With this said - your data will remain totally safe and client confidentiality laws will be honoured in every way.

Ovafly is a powerless device so it hasn't had to jump through legal hoops such as European CE Mark certification, like other electric goods. This was all by design - so that your children .... will be safe at a times when using Ovafly. The arm head has been designed in such a way that the load in the spring is controlled and condensed into a finite window of movement. The contacting/ball striking area is soft... like rubber (printed in Flexible filament) to spare any fingers that accidently get in the way upon actuation of the trigger. 

Ovafly will come with clear operational guidelines - designed to ensure safety at all times.

Wholesale Inquiries

This is not only a new product but its a new supply chain and a whole new method of manufacturing goods all together. It will take us a while to grow steadily against our manufacturing capacity, however, when we have steadied the ship - selling with alternate high-street retail outlets will be a consideration at a fixed cost and a contractually bound - fixed rate. 

Our premise and promise will always be to make Ovafly affordable and accessible to those - for whom it is designed. We are not wedded to the tunnel vision of the material world. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


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