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Ovafly spring loaded cricket bowling machine.

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  • There have been electric ball feeding systems available for some time, but coming with batteries and extension leads makes them very cumbersome and expensive.


  • Studying the relationship the user has with those devices uncovered the fact that even the auto-fed machines are used by 2 people. A feeder....and a hitter. Not to mention, collecting the balls after.

  • Feeding systems on electric machines don't replicate watching a bowler run in. The only 'cue' is the feeder raising the ball in the air before release. Time between it going in the hole and coming out again at 85mph is too fast. Cheaper floor mounted machines do not replicate 'real bowling'.

  • Ovafly is an ergonomic bowling machine with ZERO electrical components.


  • The Newton weight of pulling back the arm head and the ease of its reloading, transportation and storage make it a ball feeder all about user interaction.

  • Ovafly works by simply loading tennis balls onto a slaloming travel track that gives the user 10 seconds in which to walk away from the device. It then drops onto a trigger and is propelled to the batsman. The spring-loaded design with patent pending status is made from PETG filament.

  • The path of the tennis ball is dampened (delayed); adding a 'clock timer' effect and consistency to the accuracy of the projectile.


  • The trigger sensitivity is adjustable - prolonging its use.

  • Ovafly uses soft tennis balls so you need not worry about breaking your neighbours windows.

  • Product longevity is a certainty with Ovafly - since the materials used are robust. Printing PETG filament with a 35% infill density creates components that are as strong (77D) as equivalent injection moulding parts.


  • With electric machines - replacing the balls is very expensive so you can't really smack them without a cricket net.

  • Designed to rotate quickly after actuation = more power and faster bowling, without making the device any harder to pull back (for a 10 year old +)

  • Ovafly is perfect for indoor or outdoor practice and is totally weatherproof.

Grooving technique is instrumental to developing the technical skills of a consistent run scoring batsman. Ovafly is the solution to independent domestic practice - teaching the habits of running on every strike as well as improving hand eye coordination.


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