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  • How fast does the ball go?
    55-60mph with a standard match tennis ball
  • How many balls does it fire at once?
    Ovafly has been designed to negate the problems experienced whilst using electric machines by having a super easy reloading system and a stand that can hold up to 40 balls. Now the user can enjoy either endless feeding with a partner or single deliveries whilst using it on your own. Don't forget, if you load and hit 25 balls you have to collect and reload that many balls again - which takes time. It also uses match tennis balls so you can use it in your own back garden and dont have to worry about breaking the neighbours windows. Think about it.... would you rather smash 25 balls one after the other and wait 5 minutes between shots OR..... have multiple balls to hand and face 1 delivery every 30 seconds with valuable coaching/thinking time in between? This is about ergonomics and what is actually best for improving your game.
  • Can i return my ball machine?
    In the event of courier damages or manufacuring faults we have a system for replacing units - by asking the customer to send in photos of the product and the packaging. We can then collect your damage goods and send you a replacement. We do not offer a try before you buy system, but if you can prove you have not recieved what you paid for and it is genuinely our error - then we will give you a refund within 30 days or replace your unit.

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