Frequently asked questions...

How fast does the ball go?

Ovafly is designed to send a tennis ball at roughly 60mph

Does it only take tennis balls?

Ovafly is designed to fire tennis balls however, the bottom ring twists out so larger balls can be loaded - in this case, we don't guarentee the speed or direction of travel will be the same and we take no responsibility for damage to the device - caused by anything other than a tennis ball.

Does Ovafly have batteries in it?

Ovafly is spring loaded and is therefore totally mechanical

Does Ovafly have an auto-feeder?

Ovafly is not auto-fed because it doesnt need to be. The reloading process is SO QUICK & EASY that it actually creates more merited practice than electric devices, plus it reflects the actual rhythm of batting in a game; running on every strike....not just whacking sixes.

FAQ  - Ovafly 3D printed cricket bowing machine