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Ovafly undercuts every electric bowling machine/ball feeder on the market whilst delivering the same experience of more expensive machines - but WITHOUT POWER. Ovafly can be used solo or with a partner with the target audience being young cricketers of aged 10+ - or the 'at home' toys market. 


Ovafly works by simply loading tennis balls onto a slaloming travel track that gives the user 10 seconds in which to walk away from the device, before it drops onto a trigger and is propelled to the batsman. The spring-loaded design with patent pending status is made from PETG filament.


Ovafly can extend as high as 1.5meters and has a rotating arm that can be easily cocked.


The product is aimed at the growth and grassroots development of sports in the inner cities, rural areas and emerging cricket playing nations and provides an eco-friendly and inexpensive training aid for all.

Ovafly Bowling Machine (limited edition)

SKU: 0012
  • Ovafly is a ball feeder that is all about user interaction. From the Newton weight of pulling back the arm head - to the ease of its reloading, transportation and storage. It is a beautiful culmination of the answer - to all the inadequacies of bulky expensive electric machines. The benefits are:

    #1: Solo Batting practice ( the fun factor is unreal!)

    #2: Two people can use it together with one firing endless deliveries at the other

    #3: Run between A DUO of units to replicate being in a match

    Ovafly is perfect for parent child coaching - with grass roots sport in DIRE need of something to inspire youngsters into Club Sport. 

    The height adjustment option dictates whether you want the ball to bounce or not. The ball will travel roughy 30 feet on hard ground and will travel at roughly 55mph